Are you listening, or just waiting for your turn to talk?

Do you ever find that, in your head, you’ve got the perfect anecdote to tell and you’re just waiting for the other guy to shut up so you can share yours?

Yeah, me too.

I get that a lot.

But, do you know what I’ve found? Life’s much more rewarding when you genuinely listen rather than wait for your turn to say something.

Life isn’t a play, you’re not just waiting to say your line when the cue comes.

Spare a moment and an ear for those around you, ‘cos let’s face it, we tend to like those who take the time to listen to us. Those who are interested in us.

Plus, when it comes to writing – while, like me, you may always want to base your main character on yourself – you need to realise that the greatest stories and perspectives of all come from those around us.

Real life is a great inspiration – but, if you ain’t listening you ain’t gonna get jackshit from it.

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