Seeing the big picture – the creativity hack you often overlook…

Growing up, I lived in the countryside – which meant I was used to country roads and the pace that life moved at.

So, when I started driving, I was a little nervous about motorways and dual carriageways.

“Why?” asked my driving instructor, “if anything it’s easier. The more you can see of the road ahead, the more you can be ready for”.

And he’s right.

It’s like that with creativity.

The more you can see of the big picture, the easier it is to plan.

But I go one step further than this, I take it literally.

So I bought an A3 drawing pad. A nice big space for me to draft out and plan what I do.

It works.

Too often I see people writing on their phones.

Sure that’s okay for a Tinder message or a Whatsapp. But if you’re crafting sentences, writing paragraphs it’s better to see the whole page.

The bigger picture. It’s good.

A GDPR musing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the farthest corner of Venus, you’ve probably heard about GDPR.

And, like me, your inbox has no doubt been flooded by companies you’ve forgotten about – asking you to remember them and let them into your life.

It’s perhaps the one time that everyone in marketing is sending the same email!

What it does provide though, is a good chance to see just how creative your favourite brands can be when tackling the same thing.

I know there are some subject lines I’ve seen that have stuck out in the battlefield of my inbox!

If we can apply creativity here, we can well and truly apply it anywhere…

What if love is like a credit card?

what if love is like a credit card?

a mysterious one

where you can’t see the limit

time is the currency

oodles of precious time

as each moment passes, does it send us closer and closer to the limit?

to the edge

where we can’t go any further

do we hope to one day find a gold card?

one where too much is never enough

and what about those times when things last too long? when we spend too much?

do we bite into some horrible overdraft?

that we pay off in sleepless nights once things are over

head under the pillow

trying to drown out the soundtrack of happier times

the one that rings in your head

over and over