9 reasons why your legs should be like two great steam locomotives…

Selling yourself is one of the hardest things you can do.

Well, for most people anyway. That’s why so many of us are full of nerves before we go to an interview or a date.

I found this out when I was eighteen. I decided to go to Uni at the last minute, and as a result didn’t have much time to write a personal statement. I made the mistake of sharing it with a friend to read over, the following line became a running joke in my friend group at the time:

“I work out regularly as I believe that a pristine mind should be complemented by a pristine body.”

Ahem. Terrible. But, you know what – some eight or nine years later, I can’t help but agree with eighteen year old me.

Fitness is something I’ve let slip a little. In my ongoing battle to be creative I’ve not found as much time for exercise as I should, and that’s counter productive.

Maintaining a level of fitness helps motivate you and it keeps you sharp throughout the day.

Plus, the most important asset in life you have is you. So you need to keep yourself tip-top.

In light of this, these arrived today:


Let’s keep the creativity flowing while making sure that we look after ourselves.

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