Why you shouldn’t toe punt mushrooms

I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It was one of those kinda sunny, but also kinda windy days – the sort you get as summer slowly turns into autumn.

Just before the leaves commence their big fall from the sky to the ground.

I was about seven years old and I was in one of those nature parks that you go to at that age – along with my family and my best friend’s family.

Back in those days I was the kinda kid who loved to bomb his way through the park – following the trail, hoping that there’ll be some kind of pot of gold at the end of it.

I was somewhat annoyed when everyone else stopped halfway through.

I turned round to see why, and saw that everyone had congregated around a huge mushroom.

It was one of those mega colourful, grand looking ones – the type that looks as if it might be a palace for bugs and other assorted wildlife.

Everyone was cooing and wowing over it.
I wasn’t interested in it.
It was holding me up.

So, in one sweeping self-centred motion, the sole of my Wellington boot came crashing down on it. It fell in on itself and flitted out of existence with a resounding puff.

To put it mildly, everyone was pissed.

I was the villain of the hour.

Everyone else had loved the look of it, they were intrigued…and, back in those days, it took much longer to take a photo as digital cameras weren’t really around – meaning no one had had time to take a photo.

Do you know what I learnt that day?

What appeals to others, doesn’t always appeal to you and vice versa.

Respect what others enjoy.

And, when it comes to marketing something, remember that – just because it isn’t your cup of tea – doesn’t mean that it won’t metaphorically quench the rest of the world’s metaphorical thirst.

Look through the eyes of others to see it from their point of view before you stamp on it…

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