Why entrepreneurial spirit will never die

I didn’t go on holiday to a hot country until I was about 24.

There were a few things that I didn’t realise.

I wondered why anyone bothered wearing flip-flops. They looked silly.

I imagined myself walking over the sand and the pavements bare foot. No problem.

Of course when I arrived I soon realised that I was wrong.

The sand and the pavements were hot, hot, hot.

Which, in hindsight, seems kind of obvious.

So, with my friend in tow, I went to go buy some flip-flops.

We eventually found one of those gift shops that stock everything from football shirts to promiscuous fridge magnets.

But I couldn’t see any flip-flops.

I asked the shopkeeper who, after a moment’s consideration, retreated into the furthest corner of the shop.

He returned with a pair of flip-flops. They looked okay, although a tiny bit faded and dusty – but for the equivalent of a fiver I wasn’t complaining.

We emerged into the day and, once we got further up the beach, I noticed my friend was laughing.

“What?” I asked, perplexed.

“He didn’t have any flip-flops in the store” he said.

“Yes he did! He went in the back and got some…”

“No! Those were the ones he was wearing…”

No wonder they were faded and dusty.

And that, readers, is why entrepreneurial spirit will never die.

There’s always a way to make that sale.

(I still keep those flip-flops as a reminder that there’s always opportunity somewhere)

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