You’ve got a rocket in your pocket (kind of)

Goals are hard to achieve.

We all set them, we all try and chase them…but, we don’t always meet them.

Our own limitations tend to hold us back.

Yet, we’re so advanced now as a society that we really don’t have the limitations we think we have.

Take your smartphone for example.

Did you know that your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than the supercomputers that NASA used to land on the moon in 1969?

And to think…you probably just use it to swipe right on Tinder or choose a beautiful filter for your super-green, wholefood salad.

In fact, if you have a pocket calculator on your desk that’s more powerful too. So is a simple USB stick…

In terms of technology our limitations become broader all the time.

But our brains still keep us more grounded than we need to be.

You’re the only one who can broaden the self-imposed limitations that your brain sets for you. Go do some good shit.

Ashley Brown 2018

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