Pointless app idea 1: PluggedIn

Do you have loads of money that you don’t want?

Or, perhaps you’re an app developer who just loves working for free?

If so, boy do I have an idea for you!

So, it’s targeted at freelancers and remote workers.

We’ll call it….PLUGGEDIN.

Let’s take a city…say, London, for example. 

We list all of the cafes and coffee houses in London and put them on a map.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…‘that’s already been done by Google, man’.

But…wait for it…wait for it…here’s the twist.

We create an interior map of each one of those places and detail how many plug sockets they’ve got, and where they’re located.

Just think… no freelancer or remote worker will ever have to sit there, furiously typing away, with one eye trained on their ever draining battery – because they’ll know exactly where to sit.

Perhaps if we’re feeling really flashy we can even get some data for the peak times, so our users know exactly when to get there.

So, you see, your excuse for working can never be that your laptop has run out of juice.

Perhaps we could trundle it out for students too.

…who’s up for it?


Ashley Brown 2017

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