Learn stuff from someone who knows stuff.

Ever find a website that you just can’t stop reading through?

Yeah, me too.

I bought a book recently called Predatory Thinking, written by copywriter and creative director, Dave Trott.

I happened to stumble across his blog shortly afterwards, and I suggest you have a look.

Dave Trott’s blog

A great example of how to fit creativity and information into a succinct post. Below I’ve decided to quote Trott’s description of what a story should entail:


What are the universal structural elements of all stories?

1) Hook.

2) Build.

3) Payoff.

This is the shape any story must take.

1) A beginning that grabs the listener.

2) A middle that escalates in tension, suspense, stakes, and excitement.

3) An ending that brings it all home with a bang.

That’s a novel, that’s a play, that’s a movie, that’s a joke, that’s a seduction, that’s a military campaign.

It’s also your TED talk, your sales pitch, your Master’s thesis, and the 890-page true saga of your great-great-grandmother’s life.”

(source: http://davetrott.co.uk/2016/07/storytelling-v-verbosity/)

If you’re interested in Dave’s books you can find them below:

Dave’s books.